Entry #9

Regarding Music Usage

2017-02-28 15:31:24 by namirhassan

I haven't been checking NG alot, but when I do, there is a ton of messages asking for permission to use my music. 

If you want to use my music for anything, feel free to do so. Since I don't check NG regularly, the response time for me to reply to your messages will be very long. So for future requests to use anything, all I ask is that you send me a message where it will be used, but no need to ask me if you want to use it. 


and as always, cheers!


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2017-02-28 15:32:08

Feel free to comment here as well where you used my work if possible. :)


2017-02-28 15:40:58

We actually have a new global rights management form, you could set a proper license that lets people know they can freely use your songs and the update will apply to all of your music:


namirhassan responds:

Thank you so much for the info Tom. Also huge fan of your site! :)